First, you should create a Connection to the database.

cormo = require 'cormo'
connection = new cormo.Connection 'mysql', database: 'test'
var cormo = require('cormo');
var connection = new cormo.Connection('mysql', { database: 'test' });

Available adapters are 'mysql', 'mongodb', 'postgresql', 'sqlite3', and 'sqlite3_memory'. See documents for each adapter(AdapterBase) for detail settings.

Then, you can define BaseModels using the extends keyword. Or if you want to use CORMO in JavaScript, use Connection::model instead.

# this will create two tables - users, posts - in the database.

class User extends cormo.BaseModel
  @column 'name', type: String
  @column 'age', type: cormo.types.Integer

class Post extends cormo.BaseModel
  @column 'title', String # `String` is the same as `type: String`
  @column 'body', 'string' # you can also use `string` to specify a string type
  @column 'date', Date
var User = connection.model('User', {
  name: { type: String },
  age: { type: cormo.types.Integer }

var Post = connection.model('Post', {
  title: String, // `String` is the same as `type: String`
  body: 'string', // you can also use `string` to specify a string type
  date: Date

You can use any of cormo.types.String, 'string', or String (native JavaScript Function, if exists) to specify a type.

Currently supported types:

After defining models, you may call Connection::applySchemas to apply schemas to the database. (It will be called automatically when you run a query.)

type options

You can give options for types in some adapters.

To specify length for string type in MySQL or PostgreSQL, you should do

@column 'method_1', cormo.types.String(50)
# or
@column 'method_2', 'string(50)'

Please note that you must use 'cormo.types.String', not 'String'.

mixing databases

You can use two or more databases at the same time.

Use BaseModel.connection to specify the connection which the model uses if you use CoffeeScript.

cormo = require 'cormo'
mysql = new cormo.Connection 'mysql', database: 'test'
mongodb = new cormo.Connection 'mongodb', database: 'test'

class User extends cormo.BaseModel
  @connection mysql
  @column 'name', String
  @column 'age', cormo.types.Integer

class Post extends cormo.BaseModel
  @connection mongodb
  @column 'title', String
  @column 'body', String
  @column 'date', Date
var cormo = require('cormo');
var mysql = new cormo.Connection('mysql', { database: 'test' });
var mongodb = new cormo.Connection('mongodb', { database: 'test' });

var User = mysql.model('User', {
  name: String,
  age: cormo.types.Integer

var Post = mongodb.model('Post', {
  title: String,
  body: String,
  date: Date
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